While growing up life seems so straightforward. The next steps are all planned out, and to be successful the easiest way is follow your parents advice. I never really put much through into where I was going in life, or even after university. I know I love moving around and exploring new countries but I haven’t got a plan or wish list like so many people I know have. I’m 24 and like everyone growing up, I never really considered getting older or growing up. I always felt like my twenties would last forever, but with my 25th birthday this year I can’t believe how fast it’s going and I feel like I need to start taking more risks and moving out of my comfort zone a bit more before beginning my late twenties!

So I have decided to make a 25 Before 25 Bucket List. I LOVE making lists and something about ticking things off is such a satisfying feeling. My birthday is 29th of November so I’ve given myself a pretty tight deadline!

This blog will be a mix of a diary as I tick off my 25 before 25, a place to keep my travel memories where I pick my favourite 10 moments or aspects of my previous trips and a “Lookbook” area. I will use this place to experiment with clothes and my style and give yous some insights into my wardrobe and what I have been buying!  Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to hear about, I’d love to get some feedback!

The happiness of you life, is dependent on the quality of your thoughts.

I will try keep this blog as up to date as possible, posting something new every week and alternating between a diary or travel entry and a lookbook entry.

Speak soon xo