25 Before 25

Hello! I’m going to keep this entry really short as I will be changing/updating/keeping track of what I have managed to tick off the list so far. If you have any ideas PLEASE let me know as I haven’t gotten the full 25 yet!

  1. Sunrise yoga at SkyGarden ✔
  2. Run a marathon
  3. See Les Mis in London ✔
  4. Horse riding in Wimbledon Common
  5.  Go Rock Climbing
  6. Visit 1 new city in Europe ✔
  7. Write a blog – This blog will be my #7
  8. Paint a painting
  9. Design a print
  10. Start to learn a new language
  11. Read Wuthering Heights
  12. Volunteer a day for charity
  13. Sky dive
  14. Have a roadtrip to somewhere in the UK
  15. Cook a 3 course dinner party
  16. Barry’s Bootcamp ✔
  17. Make a scrapbook of all my trips in 2017
  18. Spend a night in the Sahara
  19. Get GIA Certified
  20. Take a trip on my own

As you can see I am missing 5 experiences! Please comment below any suggestions you have (bearing in mind I only have until November and a limited budget 😉 )

Speak soon xo


22 thoughts on “25 Before 25

  1. I love this! I’ve been meaning to make a bucket list. I haven’t made one since college which was a few years ago. I’ll brainstorm some items to add to yours! And I’ll be sure to link to your blog if I end up sharing my list on my site!


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