25 before 25: May update

Hi everyone!


So it’s been about a month since I posted my 25 before 25 so I thought I’d give a quick update on everything I’ve been up to.

Run a marathon

This is by far the most ambitious one and I have now officially singed up to the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON! I’m super excited and lucky to have got a place, it’s definitely an iconic marathon and it being on the 4th on November gives me a good few months to get in full training mode. I will be running the marathon with PAWS Chicago ( Fundraising page here ) and aim to raise $3,300 by the end of summer.

Les Mis

I finally got to see Les Mis and let me tell you it was worth the wait. The story is straight forward and moving, and hearing the songs sung live is an incredible experience.

I have always loved going to theatre and musicals, with my all time favourite being Lion King (I’ve seen it three times now). Le Mis is just one you have to, for anyone that’s on the fence! And if you go, you have to have a Chinese beforehand, the theatre is abuot a minute away from China Town

Next will probably be another musical to be honest as the West End has so much to offer.

Rock Climbing

I went to the rock climbing wall in Vauxhall ( Vauxwall Climbing Centre ) this weekend just gone and I really enjoyed it. It’s more of a bouldering centrte as you are not tied in and the walls are relatively low. This meant you could go up, as well as across which was an incredible workout for my arms!

I think additionally it has opened up holiday ideas – a wilderness adventure hiking and bouldering in the Southern States of the US is something that would appeal to me now!

I have added the full list down below again for reference. Still thinking about the next 5 things for the list, any suggestions welcome!

  1. Sunrise yoga at SkyGarden – BOOKED
  2. Run a marathon – BOOKED
  3. See Les Mis in London – DONE
  4. Horse riding in Wimbledon Common
  5.  Go Rock Climbing – DONE
  6. Visit 1 new city in Europe – BOOKED
  7. Write a blog – This blog will be my #7
  8. Paint a painting
  9. Design a print
  10. Start to learn a new language
  11. Read Wuthering Heights
  12. Volunteer a day for charity
  13. Sky dive
  14. Have a roadtrip to somewhere in the UK
  15. Cook a 3 course dinner party
  16. Barry’s Bootcamp – DONE
  17. Make a scrapbook of all my trips in 2017 BLOG POSTS
  18. Spend a night in the Sahara – might have to amends this one due to limited time off
  19. Get GIA Certified
  20. Take a trip on my own CUBA BOOKED

Speak soon xo

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